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"Under the Radar, the art and photography of Lee Bishop, 30 years" is the tentative title of my new book. I've been culling through my artwork dating back to the start of my career as a freelance artist.


In 1985, I did my first freelance job, for a Air Force ROTC yearbook at Florida State University. I was just 15 at the time...

Since that time, I went to Commerical Art School, went pro for a while, did freelance jobs off and on since that time.

My work has appeared in numerous magazines, newspapers and other publications, all over the world. I got my first international client (A Dutch company who stiffed me on the payment) in 1988.


"Under the Radar" will highlight my best work since the 1980s, to include all my WW1-WW2 themed work for the 'Military Marketplace' catalogs, cartoons for various newspapers and all my WW2 re-enactor cartoon work.

More soon, this is a work in progress. I'm planning on going through a print-on-demand company. I'm not compiling this for the money, as I'll see very little of that. I've always wanted to get a book of this type together for those who've asked me over the years for it...

Keep watching this space, it will updated as I go along!